fredag 4. mai 2007


Then I am in Amsterdam. The spring is here and I am like a red red tulipan, newly sprang out in Mai. I just feel like a melody, that sweetly plays in tune. The work I did on Steinkjer was good. I had good energy, and the people there were happy about it. I bought the Jubileum t-shirt befor I went on stage for the second time, and that was a good feeling. The tird time was the best, and I will no longer sell my self for a low price, because what I give is worth something and people likes it. Tonight I have met some nice people:

Olav, Betty; Bernt, Knut Andres og Detlef.
I Amsterdam er det vår. Det er rotete bybilde her, men jeg finner nok ut av det i morgen.

Stig, Ordføreren på Steinkjer og meg! Livet byr på mange nye gode møter!

Livet er rikt,


4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Så søte dere var sammen.

Jeg hadde eksamen fra 09 i går til 09 i dag og er tom i hodet nå..

Betty Boom sa...

Sexy:Vel overstått!


Anonym sa...

Hello Betty!

Thank you very much for the CD! We are just enjoing it drinking some beers at "De Witte Bergen". I am here with some old friends for our yearly "Männerwochenende" - with means "mans weekend".

Hope your are doing well in Amsterdam (still not understanding norwegian at the blog page) and have a good flight back to your beautyful country.


Betty Boom sa...

Hallo Detlef!
Nice to meet you.
As I said, blog is a free speech, and I more free with writing in Norwegian, so thats how it is at the moment. Maybe I will write english later in life. Enjoy life, enjoy mans weekend....

Take a look at my Myspace site. Links on my site. Thats in English.

Bye, Betty