lørdag 15. juli 2006

Lipstick Flower

Stein is writhing about the long sleep. And while he is sleeping, I`m almost not sleeping at all. It`s not a big problem, and life is good, but I`m doing a lot of thinking about the future. I believe it`s nothing that a good fuck and a good night sleep could not cure, but what comes first? The chicken or the egg? So I force my self to be present. I`ve made two song lyrics this night. Lipstick Killers and Sun Flower. Lipstick Killers had different lyrics before, but I needed a new version. I had this band Slape Snake, we`ve played in Split and Dubrovnik in the 80'es. I`m very proud of that.


Sun Flower
I can read your moves
I know why you are silent

Sun Flower
I can see the strength in you
I know why you are tall

Sun Flower
I can feel your fear burning through
I know why you are yellow

Sun Flower
I can feel your stretch every day
I know why you are screaming

Sun Flower
I have seen you strong
The storm has bended you
But it never cracked you

Sun Flower
I have seen the best of you
I know why I am crying

Sun Flower
I have seen your power
The beauty is in the end

Betty, 15. Juli 2006


You know that you have loose lips
Who learned you to struggle
Tiger Hips
- show me your cold
Fake Tits
you`re getting old

You know that you have warmout tires
Who learned you to take care
Old bike
I can see it fits
My bike
I ride it with my hips

I know you have a lover in every corner of the world
Who learned you to stay asleep
Lipstick killer
stiletto heels can talk
Daydream triller
You need boots for this walk

I know why you have this big black grin on your face
Who learned you to be silent
Peeping piqeoun
Blow your fuse
Dring your booze

Betty, 15. Juli 2006

I know why you are laughing,
Keep in into your heart and have a nice day!
Can you, can you feel the breeze?


1 kommentar:

=Anja sa...

Kjære Betty!Elsker halvpsykedeliske og potente uttrykk s i Lipstick killer-Må være perfekt t rockelåt
Utilgjengelige /kryptiske uttrykk egger fantasien,eksempelvis "Dring your bozze"
Ha ei god natts søvn!

Klems ifra Anja