onsdag 5. juli 2006

Searching For Gold

A woman got to do what a woman got to do. Today we had to be with our children in a park. They loved every minutt of it. But Ok, I admit it was good to get away from all this cancer talk. I locked forward to it as well, it was just that it was so bloody warm and because of the radiation I had I have to wear a lot of clothes. The tattoo don`t need much sunshine as well, but I just had to walk with shorts some of the day.
Searching for gold

The difference between a man and a boy, is the price of the toy

This day has been hot as hell and my arm has been hurting (straff for at jeg gikk uten kompr. Strømpe I går). One days like this I just want someone to cut of my arm and fuck the wound, so I can be healed.
Tone (45) and me (42). A good meeting. She has fighted against cancer since she was 15 years old. She has the power and she gives me hope.

So I`ve walked in slow motion much of the day, or just strolling. I love some parks, like Legoland because there you can start with a beer and then you have this "Velvet Intoxied feeling" all day, and can have more space for the children (the difference between me and an alcoholic, is that I admit it). At the end of the day your children can sit and watch you taking all this rollercoasters etc. But it`s nothing like that in Hunderfossen, a little boring for us who need a kick. So the best part of the day, I was sleeping on the grass for an hour.

After that I did some serious shopping. Now I`m sitting naked and write, I just need a shower.

Good Night,
Queen size

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